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Car battery maintenance in and around Wigan

Do you regularly check on your car's battery? A faulty or drained battery can have severe consequences on your vehicle including its inability to start when the engine is ignited. Our experts at Park Motors Wigan have several years of experience in diagnosing the health status of car batteries of various makes and models.

New and replacement batteries for:

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Simply give us a call as we are able to source not only batteries but all kinds of spares as well for vehicles of all makes and models.

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A broad range of vehicle batteries available, from a Mini to a Peugeot. If you happen to have a rarer vehicle, please do try us, we are able to source batteries for almost any make and model of vehicle at a fraction of the price of a large retailer. This is mainly due to our great supplier lines.

We stock a full range of car, leisure vehicle and motorcycle batteries.


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